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What is a Crystal Journey? 

Crystals have many amazing properties which can be scientifically demonstrated. If crystals are laid out on and around the body in the right way they can induce a theta brain state - similar to the effect found when using the Theta healing technique. The advantage of using crystals is that it is easy to hold the theta state for a long period of time. This makes it much easier to relax and observe.  

The philosophical perspective behind a Crystal Journey is that all time is "Now" (something spiritual teachers have long taught and quantum physics now recognizes). It is easy, in a theta state, to journey to any point, in any "time" or place and to view it, right Now.

With Crystal Journeys, the only limit is your imagination. Crystal Journeys can be used to:explore "past life" memories or ancestral / genetic memories (with full sight, sound and smell);

View any point in your life to date (find out what really happened at that party you barely recall!);

Explore your "most probable future path" - where will you be 10 years from now?

travel to any point on the Earth and any time period - e.g. explore ancient jungle ruins and then watch the Mayans who lived there; and see, hear and talk to your (or another person's) Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides (a Theta healing technique made much easier with the use of crystals);

Easily view the Hall of Records (an Advanced Course technique which lets you see the record of anyone's lifetime). Watch the lifetimes of Caesar and Cleopatra unfold!

One of the biggest benefits of doing Crystal Journeys is that it rapidly improves your intuitive skills.   Theta healers who initially have trouble visualizing will often find that after 5 or so Crystal Layouts they can see, hear, smell, touch and feel clearly and easily in a theta state. Every time you go into theta to do a Theta healing you will have these heightened senses.

Remember: This is REAL!  Crystal Journeys are increasingly used by institutions as a serious research tool. You can explore past lives and write down names, places and dates. These can be independently verified from birth and death records - proving that the information you access is real. Similarly people with no prior knowledge accurately report on clothing, diet and other aspects of ancient civilizations - information that historians later verified.

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