Kimberly Crowe
Awakening the Divine within.....

Inner Awakened Mastery

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Awakening Your Destiny Codes

 Upon awakening these codes the  answers to your journey towards knowing the truth about planet Earth and why you chose to come here during this ascension period are obtainable. 

Who are you? 
What is your whole Self? 
What is the universal mind? 
How can you connect with the universal mind? 
Why are you here on planet Earth?
Where did you come from?
 What is the objective of life?  
What is the Universal Truth?
What is the meaning of Heaven on Earth? 

The Awakening Destiny Code sessions support your journey of remembering
 truth of these questions.. Awakening Destiny Codes sessions  are about clearing the distorted matrices of illusion that have entrapped us within our human DNA lineage and collective consciousness. Connecting to the frequency of Divine Truth will restore your Destiny Codes to the gift you truly are for Humanity. As we birth ourselves from the collective grid we enter into the freedom of Awakening to our inner power the divine grace of love itself.

Releasing from the distorted matrices will accelerate Consciousness Expansion of Higher DNA Activation and release of DNA Imprints that no longer serve the highest aspect of the SOUL'S awakening into ascension. 


 This supports your journey of Universal Truth, opening up to your True Self through Soul Ascension.  Embracing your Destiny of the Higher awakening and emerging with god consciousness.


Self transformation is True Self Realization. Awakening destiny requires expansion of your existing beliefs beyond the restrictions of your programmed belief system. 

Opening up to the Absolute Universal Truth.  An aspect of you came into this planet knowing the Universal Truth. As you grow up you disconnect from the Universal Truth and inherit your family's belief system . Which are filtered in from the DNA encodements  and held in place with  the imprints you agreed to take to develop the highest potential for your own Ascension, humanity's awakening and for  the earth plan .


Your parent's and societal beliefs usually end up being the foundation of your beliefs.  The foundation of this belief creates your restrictions. The Universe has no restrictions. You create the boundaries based on your beliefs. These boundaries limit your spiritual growth and inner development.


  Awakening the Destiny Codes clear miasmas within the hara line  of life force energy. Clearing all blockages and miasmas from all your subtle bodies. Doing this opens you up to the higher frequency energies. The higher frequency energies speed up your self development and self-empowerment process.

There is Truth beyond the illusions of the human experience on Earth. All that is required to live in this Truth is "remember," for it is not separate from what we are. Whether we call it living for the highest good, working from the heart or flying wing-to-wing with Great Spirit, it is a place where there is only love, and all is seen through eyes of compassion, to include ourselves.