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The Audios
These transmissions where  channelled  to me .by spirit .
I offer them freely to you. Please use them.
They are simple, potent techniques for self-healing,and spiritual awakening . Assisting the shift in humanity's conscouiness.
They can help you experience expanded light body awareness, conscious merging with the Higher Self ,Soul aspect , and the integration of the light body with physical body.

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What is the webbing of the Mass Unconsciousness

 "Inner Locked Matrices"

August 21,2007 I was working with a friend ,client, colleague sharing information and the web revealed itself to me.This is the channeled information.

What these Inner Locked Matrices? Where and when were they formed and what was their purpose?
They represent the wounds of humanity. The original chakra system acts as vortex energy. Emotional energy is funneled and absorbed into the human instrument. The emotional energies are flooded through the pathways that link your anatomical systems and organs and glands to specific chakras and levels of your energy body. Often we store stagnated unresolved energy in these energy pathways and this creates the blocks for healing vibrations to flow into our physical cells and to the weaker anatomical systems of our physical body. The acceleration of healing for our physical body’s systems are focused on as damaged occurred from a stagnated system is released. The wounds humanity collected into specifics organs represented by the charkras..

The original chakra system is separated in its function from front to back. The front of the chakras functions as emotional energy and the back self will. There is a filter like between the front and back of the chakras .This sometimes clogs up creating dysfunction within the energy body. This blockage created the magnetic pull which created the holding pattern of the wounds of humanity to be stored within the individuals energy system. This keeps us locked into old Archetypical paradigms .All blockages are released. Instead of being conical, the chakras start to become spherical and overlap each other’s fields. This configuration permits information from his or her lightbodies (fields of energy which surround the physical body) to come through more easily, including communication with the Higher Self.

The Inner Matrix Awakening activates the unified chakra field, a system of multidimensional refractive points. This illuminates the original divine blueprint, accessing Gateway Chakras. These additional chakras have always been a part of us as our pure potential. This Galactic activation brings in the Christ consciousness. It connects and unifies all the energies of the lightbody with the physical body, providing us with a deeper connection to our spiritual essence.

The unified chakra awakening is a powerful process that will assist you to: Increase your spiritual awareness. Bring about a peaceful state of mind. Address apathy and low energy. Awaken your soul and nervous system .Increases the amount of light in your body. It supports your metamorphosis at every level. The unified chakra awakening creates a bubble of Light that allows you to handle vaster and vaster frequencies, and acts like a force field.

It helps screen out other people's perceptions of reality. Most of you walk around in other peoples' energies because you light bodies are separated and stagnated with the inner locked matrices. The key objective for Lightworkers, is to get in your bodies and understand that your energy is a unified system of oneness and wholeness.

The collected wounds of the collective consciousness created magnetized webbing that appears like nets around the specified organs. The Inner Awakening Matrix uses light to release the grids holding the wounds of humanity which create dysfunction within our being. Tone is then used to set up a sonic wave which will rebound any absorbed energies back into light. The Inner Awakening brings focus deeply on the energy clearing between specific anatomical systems of your physical body and the other levels of your energy body. This opens our cells to more of our Divine Presence which will transcend the wounds of humanity into wholeness.

 The Earth Infinity Grids that are available to access Now. Divine timing, has created a huge shift in the construction of the mass consciousness of humanity which will also create a great fulfillment in your being.

Retuning your ESSENCE is very much like rebooting your computer. When you upload a new computer program you have to turn off your computer and start up again so that the new program will work appropriately. That accurately emphasizes what's going to transpire with you in this gateway. Once rebooted, the old programs systems and expressions will no longer work suitably. So if you're finding that certain areas of your life are not flowing or manifesting in the way they should, maybe this is the universe saying that it is an old outdated program, and it is time to delete it from your consciousness. 

I invite you to visit Glossary of Terms for more information.