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Alchemy o the Heart Reonements

Posted on January 30, 2015 at 9:40 PM

Alchemy of the Heart Retonements


The downloads are coming in almost daily. I love mercury retrograde time periods,I always get new information from spirit during these gateways of opportunity. Outer world communication may be crazy but the inner world is clear.


So the first information that came in I saw how the Brain is wired to go through chaos to get to peace. Spirit showed me how to enter into the Sacred Chamber of the Heart and communicate to the brain to rewire to the Path of Peace .The neural transmitters are reset.

I received clear instructions to hand out the info to others.

I immediately gave out this information in a Meet up/ conference call The I Am Explorations and was told to continue in this type of service.

Now three more ACTIVAION RETONEMENTS have came in.

Clarity,Rejection release and a Judgment release.

I thought I've done this already...spirit said not at this level. So it seems that these releases and downloads are at new levels or dimensions .Dimensions are just different octaves of reality,a different view.


New Classes that have came from my recent vistations.


Embracing the Twin Flame

Alchemy of the Heart

More to come......So stay tuned to the neverending saga.

New class!!! Embracing the Twin Flame

Asheville NC Feb14,2015 ....more info


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