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Cosmic Triggers: Eclipses NO holding Back Clarity, 9/11 Transmission

Posted on September 8, 2015 at 1:05 PM

The Cosmic Trigger on August 22 that completed during the 29 Supermoon, set the forces of the final Equinox-Blood Moon(9/28) gateway into play. As we enter the final stage of a two-year-long project, the high-vibe sector becomes a key decision-maker in how this unfolds. This presented us with an opportunity to release anything we've been clinging onto that no longer serves Like many of you, I AM experiencing a deeply mystical passage of the Mastery journey. Revelations always increase around these Equinox gates, as well as veil-thinning episodes of interaction. It is a time to delve deeply into the experience, the connections, the revelations and the opportunities available to us.

We are in the month of dreaming the soul dreams for ourselves, birthing goals that align more with our spirit, letting go of old patterns and beliefs, and connecting in with our intuition in new and exciting ways. The first influences being with two eclipses. The first, a Partial Solar Eclipse on Sunday September 13. The second, a Total Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon on Sunday Sept 27. We also have a mercury retrograde, which begins Sept 16 an opportunity to communicate deep within ...let go of that old belief around mercury retrograde.

All this cosmic energy brings an awesome opportunity to get clarity, speak our truth and shift.This month will provide the energetic boost (or shove) to help you break out of old patterns and make positive changes to empower your life! Free Gift link to the 8-22 Master Self Retonement Transmission.I invite you to pay it forward...... gift to others.


The Portal is open and available to support your journey

Supermoon Portal will support you through the Eclipse gateway

Grid is rose quartz, labradorite and celestite

Oil: rosewood , orange

The number 11 supports the frequency.

The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11.

As always with each call your energy signature will placed in the grid of receiving.

So Light Anchors , your first intense date of anchoring the light this month will be the 9th of September. When you will cross through the 9/9/8 Stargate. You may be feeling THE MISSING LINKS as they connect within your higher octave light body.!

At this point, the Energy Wave of the 8/8/8 will be intensified and lifted to a Higher Frequency or Tone to match the incoming energies. This is a time when those of you who have embraced your Master Light and Codes will feel a very strong impulse in your body and soul. You may experience this as electrical pulsations of energy in your body, and you may feel very tired as your physical vehicle acclimates to this new frequency. I would suggest that at the 9/9 you allow yourself a very gentle and very "inward" meditation so that you can connect with your own inner power and your inner mastery of the Light Codes. The call on the 11th is to help hold the frequencies for the shifts and reunite the missing link.

Then, a few days later, you will experience the New Moon in Virgo and also a partial Solar Eclipse., and so this will be an opportunity for you to connect with the Earth, with the New Earth in her new frequencies of Light and to decide what you would like to manifest in this new cycle of time that is unfolding on the Earth. It is a time to look to what physical changes you might wish to make in your life, and also to look to what changes you might make in your life to better nurture yourself and take better care of your health and wellness on the Earth. As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a "lighter" way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet.

Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are!


Anchoring the Light

Kimberly Crowe


Call Time is 7 pm ET Friday 9/11 Register Here!!!

Next call Lunar Eclipse gate 9/27 Accession wave



Jasper, Black obsidian,Selenite, Celestite



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