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8-29-2015 Supermoon Retonements

Posted on August 22, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Woo Hoo!!!! New Day Dawning


Ready or not, the winds of change are blowing.


Thank you so much for the work you are doing on this planet and out in the cosmo.I am so honored by your pressence.It is amazing to see and feel the light that comes from connecting to each of you.

The gates really opened during the 8:8:8 Gateway and we're on our way to the next portal the August supermoon. 8 -29 Full Moon is a supermoon is almost guaranteed to bring closure on a Soul level, and beam into areas of Life where something is literally coming to an end after running its course – the kind of realizations that stir up hurricanes of emotions.

This is a Supermoon to release grudges, judgment, and control, and cultivate acceptance in the here and now; a time to surrender and acknowledge that some things cannot be fixed or changed (not now, at least), and that we did everything that was in our power and that we deemed right. An exercise in transcendence, and a humbling, but ultimately liberating task, which preludes to the opportunity to clear the ground and start a new.

For some, this process might involve the necessity to grieve and let the inner pressure out of the system. It’s important to let the emotions flow and find non-destructive outlets for them. With such prominent Piscean energy, many will feel like retreating and coping with their own emotions alone, on their own terms; others might want to ease the tension through meditation or rest. Whatever our coping strategy might be, it’s not advised to give in to Pisces’ escapist tendencies by self-medicating or numbing ourselves down. Deep catharsis is only possible if we stay with our own emotions, assess them and navigate them, instead of allowing them to suck us under, thus bypassing our duties and personal work.

To support the Journey I will be offering the next Group Phone transmission activation 8-29-2015.

I invite you to join in and take an opportunity to receive the free Master Transmission retonemnet of 8-22-2015.

Loving You

Kimberly Crowe


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