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8-12 Gateway Closing Blessing Ceremony

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 10:05 PM

August 12th Gateway Closing Blessing Ceremony

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If you missed the previous live calls the recordings may still be purchased.

They are embedded with the acceleration frequencies.

Your name will also go on the healing transmission grid.

The Closing of the Lion's gate marks a turning point in our consciousness of humanity. This ceremony will signify the endeavors of stepping into and embodying the energy of a new way. During this gate opening we have witnessed the slaying of Cecil the Lion and his beloved brother.They gave their life to show humanity the undeveloped potential that still is present in the whole.


Today humans are fighting once again in the streets of Ferguson and other areas of this globe. For what they believe will create equality. .The woundedness wants to be recognized.


We have stepped forth to embody the Christed light of the balance of the female and male energies.In the clearing you may challenged The old will try to hang on.The intent of this call will be to transcendence any remaining frequency that keeps us in the separation.The forgetfulness that we are Whole and Holy. Surrender so we may be the dream.



Infifnite Blessings



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