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Posted on July 2, 2015 at 10:40 PM

Conference CALL

Destruction Codes

Resurrection Codes

For those who are ready for true Freedom


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Call will be recorded if you can't attend live you won't miss out. Frequencies are just as potent on recordings.

For about a Month now I have been integrating the upgrades within my own being. Spirit has been revealing to me the Destruction Codes implanted within the mind of mankind. We are at a pivotal point to release these energies and be upgraded with Resurrection codes. Which do not have a religious affiliation but do raise you from the dead. The death of limited binding toxic thoughts we carry within the DNA strands of our being. It is time to create from the future with support of our TRUE NATUREand the gift passion. We are being given  an opportunity  to create THE NOW FROM THE FUTURE OF ABSOULTE PEACE

Come play with me and recieve the upgrades.


How the call works after you donate  the call number will be sent to you .The call will be recorder if you miss the live event.

Purchase of the recording will be available for anyone who desires.

The call will basically be channeled in real time. The intention will be to release the Destruction Codes that have been layer into humanity’s consciousness and memory banks. We will clear the implant from or own lineage and then be uploaded with the Resurrection Codes.

Call will probably last about a hour. I will lead group with a journey, open the records and begin the work. if there is time at te end maybe open the lines for questions.

Thank you for the work you are doing in partnership with the Greater Aspect. I am honored by your presence.





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