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Posted on April 1, 2015 at 8:55 PM

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Exert from the Alchemy of Heart series    

#3 Relaiming Honor 

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Alchemy of the Heart series!


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Well you made through the equinox and eclipses. In one dimension or another and maybe like me your traveling in and out of several.We live in a multidimensional world with every kind of spirit force one could imagine. With each successive portal opening, veils that used to separate realities are collapsing, and more beings are sharing space with us.

Good news many of the distorted timelines and karma of the lineage, which created inherited Karmic consequences are dispersing. There are new levels of support for those of us on the path with this understanding and context. .Volunteer stations have been put into place to help humanity reach it's full potential.Our star seed family co exist with us in alliance.During the Easter Weekend, transmissions activated the planetary body to communicate with the intelligent living matrix.

So what does this mean connect to your Heart to Heart knows the answer


Inherited Karmic Consequences-Negative spiritual-energetic attachments influence our mind, thought-forms, emotional states and belief systems and are generally responsible for states of anxiety, depression, oppression, and hatred. When we are filled with negative spirits, they can make us feel sick and contribute to disease states. The more diseased the person's body, mind and emotions become, the more soul fragmented and spiritually sick the person is. This energetic consequence can be cumulative over many lifetimes, or in the current identity and can exist in children, or at any biological age. Many children have inherited the karmic miasma of their family of origin, and the genetic record of their DNA holds the energetic consequences of their parents and previous ancestral lines. When we do not comprehend the inherited karmic consequence of previous actions, and do not change spiritually abusive patterns or clear spiritual oppressions, the energetic blockage manifests as disease patterns and other distortions for the individua

Ancestral Spirits and Familiar Spirits Negative spiritual influences can be attached to our energetic body through uncleared mental, emotional or spiritual conflicts from past, present and future lifetimes. These can be Ancestral Spirits or Familiar Spirits that attach to our body or spiritual parts. When these ancestors left their body, they were not spiritually freed and thus cling to your body waiting to be released, cleared and healed from their pain. Sometimes these ancestral or familiar spirits are connected to organs and enmeshed with spiritual body parts. This is what "mismatched body parts" may mean in the process of clearing the spiritual body.

 During the Ascension Cycle, many of us are here to finalize, complete and end these imbalanced energetic cycles and their negative influences upon our genetic history, DNA record, astral recycling, and the patterns recorded in the family of origin. When we make progress with personal ancestral clearing, our clearing efforts will extend to cities, nations, tribes, and global gridwork for the entire human race. This means many of us have the spiritual purpose to clear unresolved conflicts and spiritual issues of our patriarchal, matriarchal and ancestral bloodlines and timelines. The process of healing the Ancestral DNA is called Genetic Pathcutting, and is the main spiritual mission of many Indigos and Starseeds. Many Starseeds incarnated purposely in different soul groups, known as the "False Parent" family lines. In the early stages of spiritual awakening, all of us must address and clear ancestral issues, whether we are aware of this fact or not. Ancestral issues are inherited in our DNA record and they will manifest as specific archetypes and patterns throughout our life experiences. When we are unconscious, we will repeat these same patterns many time verbatim, as they are directly inherited ancestral behavioral patterns. People are amazed to learn these same ancestral patterns were present in relatives that they may have never even known existed until later in life

.To heal our history we must heal our ancestral past. Studying the behaviors and patterns of our birth, and family of origin, will give us accurate clues to what our soul purpose and spiritual clearing responsibility actually is. We choose our family of origin for many reasons, and the primary reason is to cleanse the ancestral bloodline that we embody, through the biological record of the DNA we carry. Most Starseeds chose very challenging bloodlines to incarnate into during this cycle. We understood our responsibility to heal that bloodline, and that the support to complete the cycle would be available to us.



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