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March gateway

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 11:00 AM

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If you scroll down below it  you will find recent channeled messeage.I work with a group Energy that reveals itself to me as the Greater Aspect.  

March meetup and Coference Call

Reclaiming Honor

Greetings Divine Beings

This month’s Equinox may be one of the most potent experienced in recent years. Here’s a view of what you can do now to prepare for beneficial spiritual openings available at this gateway. What you say yes or no to at this gateway could have long-term implications in your life. The energy this month supports us but it isn’t going to tell us what to do. We have to decide our next steps and it’s an opportunity for us to shed our Christ Consciousness and its Martyred Healer aspects to align with our Christed Being, our Authentic One. We have struggled long enough and there is a clarity of we cannot repair the damage by teaching through the pain. The resonance of pain will keep repeating pain. Like nails on a chalk board it screeches. It is time to disperse the pain body through the resonance of Heart light.

Train the brain to create a mind field from the Heart's sacred chamber. Instead of from reaction to the mind of the collective pain body. We live in a world of illusion we can change the illusion by creating a different illusion to replace it. When we create we are leading the illusion with our own vision; when we react the illusion is leading us with its vision. Which would you rather be doing, creating or reacting? Creating is much more powerful and we are co-creators with the Universe, so we can be creating the world we desire to live in, not waiting for the world to change for us. Solar Eclipse with New Moon (a supermoon) at the March 20 Equinox brings freedom of co-creation. The energy to catalyze long-lasting waves of changes on both personal and collective levels.


Are you ready to lead the change from healing to wholeness, from separation to oneness, from limitation to expansion.If yes, then be ready to celebrate a month that will inspire, challenge, and compel you to create the life you want to live, and experience profound joyI invite you to visit my blog


Infinite Bliss


Kimberly Crowe


The Greater Ascept

You are at a gateway-yes we have used theses terms many times this year your language and understanding this best describes the the portal of opportunity. Many,many times we have sent messengers forth to relay this information. Thank you for stepping forth. Thank you for holding the space and plan of creativity. We desire to speak of language . We will speak of English language since that is the tongue of this channel.

Any time you use words for communication you connect to all of the gestalt of this word. All of it good, bad there is no difference. Especially when you speak from the mind. A state of reaction. When you speak through the heart it is a state neutrality that has an energy of creation. Look at the words same letters creation, reaction just arranged differently. It is that simple to arrange your own flow of destiny. To arrange the timelines into a flow of creativity. We also wish to speak of distorted timelines.


Christ consciousness has become distorted within the condemnation o humanity mind. It is a part of the broken light body. May we suggest using the term Christed consciousness and Christed being. Christed Being or Master being are the Authentic one.



What are gateway of opportunities ?

Moments in the density that christed light can be received on earth more appropriate would be in the 3d reality and utilized to repair the light body


What is christed Light? An octave/frequency that has never been corrupted.

“THE crystalline light structure known as “Christed” light – the divine light structure that will transform ourselves and our beloved Gaia back to our Christed status. This light has anchored itself within the core of the planet, and within every HUman heart on Earth. “ Sandra Walter


Explain corrupted: Miss use of power to control or manipulate. So called misuse of freewill



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