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11-11 Sacred Union

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 8:25 PM

On November 11th, a beautiful 11/11 Portal of Abundance opens on the exact same day as the Scorpio New Moon!

This astro-numero configuration is extremely rare...

And the result is pure AWESOME.

Master Number 11. You see it everywhere.

Ever wonder why you're supposed to make a wish when the clock reads 11:11?

It's because the sacred geometry of '11' represents creation, manifestation, and power...

Double it (11/11) and woooaaaaah nelly. We're talking manifestation at lightning speed.

Now this is where things get a even better...

This year's 11/11 date falls on a Scorpio New Moon, a time renowned for new beginnings... a blank canvas for your dreams to become reality!

On November 11th, expect a big shift in energy compounded by these two co-occurring together.

The SCORPIO NEW MOON, , invites you to go deep inside yourself to root out any beliefs or patterns of repetitive thought that keeps you in any way separate from LOVE. Sounds simple enough, but these imprints can be pretty hardwired. So how to do this rewiring to receive the new vibrations of LOVE?

Crystals, powerful transmitter of energy (crystals are used in your computer and in your cell phones as transmitters), can be used to help you cleanse separating thought forms and to harness the new energies of LOVE, healing the body of dis-ease and negative self-labeling.

The New Moon supportive aspects are giving us tremendous substance to work with and to create the New Earth. Yet, to receive our just rewards and redemption, Scorpio requires that we release the past to move ahead. The more we shed the old skin … the more the New can be revealed. These astrological energies connect the deepest part of us. Scorpio gives us a realistic vision of the outside world, making it an excellent time to consider career changes and other major life decisions. Ask yourself the following questions.

♠ What do you need to release?

♠ What are your true desires and needs?

♠ What are you ready to heal?

♠ What do you wish to transform?

Ritual 1

Ground your body, clear your mind…

Become aware of your body. Notice how gravity holds and connects you to earth. It’s as though your body is an ancient stone temple—solid, strong, secure. Sanctify this temple. Imagine a priestess is pouring sacred water and scattering rose petals, all the way down, from your head to your toes. Any anxiety or negativity washes away. Notice the thoughts and feelings leaving the temple—your judgments, your distracted mind, your worried heart. Be sure to honor them. Give each a smile and a hug as it departs.

Draw a circle of protection, call in blessings…

Visualize a ring of fragrant flowers surrounding you, protecting you. Know that you are safe and relaxed. Breathe deeply. Feel the power of the Sun and Moon pouring into your circle. The energy of Scorpio is gathering in your circle. It is focused, probing and intense. Scorpio treads into territory that makes other signs squirm—like death, sexuality, and money. Scorpio’s ruler is Pluto, god of the underworld, lord of all the riches below ground, the jewels, the minerals, and the oil. When we look underneath the surface of life, particularly into our own psychological depths, we likewise find great wealth. Scorpio asks us to confront our fears and hidden complexes. Making changes in this dark and shadowy territory increases our power in the outer world. Avoid this work and Scorpio loses its center, becoming vengeful, judgmental, and controlling—trying to grab its power illicitly, by stealing it from outer sources. Better to fearlessly confront the inner obstacles. Do this to release your passion, unlock your treasure chest of jewels. Remember that any Scorpio death is always followed by a blazing rebirth. Feel the unflinching strength of this sign as you read Scorpio’s affirmations.

• Jealousy means I haven’t dreamed big enough for myself.

• When I surrender, greater powers always come to my aid.

Allow seed intentions to form…

Your intentions for this cycle are gathering. You may already know what you wish to accomplish. Or you may not. Trust that all will unfold perfectly in time. Know that this brief ritual has aligned you with spirit. Now ask your heart if it has a closing message for you. This may come in words or as a picture, perhaps as a body sensation or sound. Give yourself time to receive this message. Digest it. Write it down. Then, in gratitude to yourself and spirit, return to normal awareness. Place a symbol of your Scorpio New Moon message on your altar.

Ritual 2

Preparing for the Ritual This is the most important part of ritual, since your commitment is the key. Take a ritual bath with sea salt to clear your field of any negative energies. Use Sage to clear your space, and make it sacred for ritual. Use it around your own body, and in the space of your ritual. Clear your mind with meditation, using music or just quieting down in your cleared, sacred area.

Grounding This is something that's important anytime, for staying connected to earth energy. Signs that you're not grounded are mania, nervousness, racing thoughts and the like. Too often we forget to feel the earth under our feet. Use the tree grounding exercise. In a nutshell, it's visualizing the roots going down into the Earth, through the layers, into the core, and then drawing that energy back up through your feet again. It moves through each chakra, coming out the top and down around you. I also envision the roots wrapping around Mother Earth crystal and drawing that energy up. Try this or another variation of grounding before you set new Moon intentions.

Your New Moon Wishes After you've cleared a sacred space and settled your energy, you're ready to set your intentions. Make a list of what you'd like to draw into your life, and Dream Big! The new Moon is a moment to conjure what seems out of reach, and creating the vision is the first step to making it a reality. But these are not just words on paper. As you write them down as intentions, you are committing to doing your part to make them real. Some call it co-creating, since you're opening to universal energies to set dreams in motion.

Dreams of the Soul Your intentions come from the longings that keep coming up. In the days leading up to the new Moon, give some thought to those longings, and see what images, dreams and streams of thought come up. Use symbolic associations to go along with your intentions. Weave in the element for the new Moon, and think about the houses and planets that are affected by it. For an earth new Moon, for example, you might plant seeds that represent your intention. Rituals are a way to work with universal energies, and draw attention to the particular life lessons, or arena (house, planet, etc) that it illuminates for you.

Symbolic Acts Here's where you get to be creative. If your intentions are to write a book, or broadcast your ideas out to the world, tie them to a helium balloon and send them off. Write them on a stick and offer it to the fire. To open to love, put lavender and a rose quartz in a small pouch, along with the qualities you're seeking. If you're inspired, add a symbolic act to your intention-setting ritual.

Keep them Alive A big part of success with new Moon intentions is what comes after. Find ways to keep them in the front of your awareness. Put them in a visible spot, or keep them in your wallet. Make notes in your journal about your progress. At the full moon, find ways to take action on those intentions, and celebrate any signs of change.


 Union with the Sacred Self

Take sacred time during the 24 hours of November 11, most especially at the moments a digital clock displays 11:11, to anchor these intentions and visualize the Gateway of Power. The Masters standing guard over the gateway are holding this expansive Portal of Golden Light open for you. See them standing there; Light expanded in dedication to your own evolution and that of the Earth. These great Masters are bringing to you a blessing from Creator.

When you walk through this gateway, holding the vision for new life of Peace and Harmony on the Earth, you align with the forces of all Creation, and a high level of Unity fills your world. That which does not align with these new frequencies of energy drops away. The old frequencies and energy systems cannot exist simultaneously, when your Soul becomes aligned with its purpose in an empowered, integrated way.

 During this day of 11-11, join with others for a profound  Gateway initiation with the master that you are.You will be connected with the Source of All That Is Divine as you step into your Golden Template for the blending of your most Divine Self with your most human. Give thanks for the Grace that descends during this precious period of time. Receive it deeply within your being, and acknowledge the greater aspect who hold the Earth in Sacred Unity.

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to this union within the self so you become a Bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Greater Aspect stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness. ….So it is!!

Join me on Conference call



11-11 portal 2015

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 5:40 PM

Sacred Union: The Balance Returns after the Grounding of the Sacred Masculine Luminosity


Greetings Divine One,

It has been a tumultuous time this last month as Waves Of Luminous Light have washed over Planet Earth, and have been integrated into the Crystalline Grids of the New Earth's Sacred Geometric Structures. It is a moment of Great Joy as the New Frequencies of Light reconnect you with the Ancient Light Codes of the Divine God Force or Creative Intelligence. The old third-dimensional energies of domination and control will increasingly find no place to be on the New Earth as the old energy forms disintegrate .


In the Third Dimension, you lived in a dualistic world and this dualism was the foundation of power structures and imbalances that were used to create control. For example, in the duality of masculine and feminine, there is a long history of imbalance and control. We are here to rewrite the subconsciousness and rewire so that the mass consciousness will match the vibration of the internal balance in the external paradigm of the compassion one. .


As you awaken to the Reality of this frequency you begin to perceive how deeply "out of balance" your society has become, and how chaotic it feels as the old begins to fall away as you move slowly towards balance. The first sign that this process is under way is when you start to feel as though the world has gone crazy and you struggle to hold your inner peace. Divine one that is because your "center" is being realigned and you are coming into real inner balance after years of work. What seemed so "real" out there in the world now seems no more than a chaotic mess. And you find it difficult to see your "place" in this chaos and mess. That is because your place is in the Now Earth of Higher Consciousness that is coming into manifestation. Your work is to hold your Inner Peace and to hold the Higher Frequencies so that you may be a "manifestation point" for the New Earth consciousness . New ideas and new teachings will crystallize and manifest around you and flow into being through you when you are in your Fifth Dimensional Body and Form. The fifth dimensional isn't the end point it is only a stage. At this stage you will begin to collapse free will choices that have limited you move into the next stage of awareness.


This grounding of the Divine Sacred Masculine has been activated and enabled by the beautiful and loving energies of the Divine Feminine as they are expressed in the balance on earth.


These waves of Light Codes that were initiated at the 8/8/8 in August will reach their culmination in a moment of Sacred Union or Sacred Marriage on the 11th of November, or the 11/11/8. At this time, the Divine Frequencies of Masculine and Feminine in their new luminosity will come into Balance in Sacred Union and will express Sacred God Force in the Higher Dimensional energies What this means,is that the flows of energy that have been creating chaos on the Earth will move into a more balanced form, both within yourselves and your Light Bodies, and also within the Planetary Body. This will give rise to a more balanced energy that will be available to create a consciousness in humanity where there is Balance, Harmony and Compassionate Love.


As you come into Balance, you will find it easier to remain in Peace and Harmony while still being able to be passionate about life. You will feel deep stirrings of Compassion and a desire to work with the Earth


Portal. The 11/11 is a moment of powerful initiation when the Diamond Light Portal between Heaven and Earth is fully open and the consciousness of humanity can ascend into Higher Frequencies that align more closely with the Divine Heart. Each one of you can also align your Sacred and Divine Hearts with the Divine Heart of the Cosmos.


This year, at the 11/11, you can experience the Cosmic Blessing of "Sacred Union" both in Galactic terms and on the personal level. On the Galactic Level, the Planet will align fully with the Two Primal forces of the Divine Heart that you call the Divine Masculine and Feminine. This will serve to magnetize the Earth's inhabits towards Unity Consciousness.


On the Personal level, it will also enable each one of you to access your Inner Power, Integrity and Sense of Community. Your hearts will be opened to both flows of God Source energy.


This will be expressed by Men who are in alignment with their Divine Sacred energy, and who choose to interact with women who are in the Divine Feminine Goddess expression in Sacred Union. But it will also become an aspect of women who seek to express the Divine Masculine as part of their Inner Sacred Union.


And, in your relationships, you will find the power and the balance that you seek in Divine Conscious Relationships. These are relationships were the basis is Sacred Union and an expression of Divine Sacred Love. This is a great Blessing from the Divine Heart....enjoy.


Loving you

Kimberly Crowe

270 799 9354

Cosmic Triggers: Eclipses NO holding Back Clarity, 9/11 Transmission

Posted on September 8, 2015 at 1:05 PM

The Cosmic Trigger on August 22 that completed during the 29 Supermoon, set the forces of the final Equinox-Blood Moon(9/28) gateway into play. As we enter the final stage of a two-year-long project, the high-vibe sector becomes a key decision-maker in how this unfolds. This presented us with an opportunity to release anything we've been clinging onto that no longer serves Like many of you, I AM experiencing a deeply mystical passage of the Mastery journey. Revelations always increase around these Equinox gates, as well as veil-thinning episodes of interaction. It is a time to delve deeply into the experience, the connections, the revelations and the opportunities available to us.

We are in the month of dreaming the soul dreams for ourselves, birthing goals that align more with our spirit, letting go of old patterns and beliefs, and connecting in with our intuition in new and exciting ways. The first influences being with two eclipses. The first, a Partial Solar Eclipse on Sunday September 13. The second, a Total Lunar Eclipse and Super Moon on Sunday Sept 27. We also have a mercury retrograde, which begins Sept 16 an opportunity to communicate deep within ...let go of that old belief around mercury retrograde.

All this cosmic energy brings an awesome opportunity to get clarity, speak our truth and shift.This month will provide the energetic boost (or shove) to help you break out of old patterns and make positive changes to empower your life! Free Gift link to the 8-22 Master Self Retonement Transmission.I invite you to pay it forward...... gift to others.


The Portal is open and available to support your journey

Supermoon Portal will support you through the Eclipse gateway

Grid is rose quartz, labradorite and celestite

Oil: rosewood , orange

The number 11 supports the frequency.

The 11 symbolizes the potential to push the limitations of the human experience into the stratosphere of the highest spiritual perception; the link between the mortal and the immortal; between man and spirit; between darkness and light; ignorance and enlightenment. This is the ultimate symbolic power of the 11.

As always with each call your energy signature will placed in the grid of receiving.

So Light Anchors , your first intense date of anchoring the light this month will be the 9th of September. When you will cross through the 9/9/8 Stargate. You may be feeling THE MISSING LINKS as they connect within your higher octave light body.!

At this point, the Energy Wave of the 8/8/8 will be intensified and lifted to a Higher Frequency or Tone to match the incoming energies. This is a time when those of you who have embraced your Master Light and Codes will feel a very strong impulse in your body and soul. You may experience this as electrical pulsations of energy in your body, and you may feel very tired as your physical vehicle acclimates to this new frequency. I would suggest that at the 9/9 you allow yourself a very gentle and very "inward" meditation so that you can connect with your own inner power and your inner mastery of the Light Codes. The call on the 11th is to help hold the frequencies for the shifts and reunite the missing link.

Then, a few days later, you will experience the New Moon in Virgo and also a partial Solar Eclipse., and so this will be an opportunity for you to connect with the Earth, with the New Earth in her new frequencies of Light and to decide what you would like to manifest in this new cycle of time that is unfolding on the Earth. It is a time to look to what physical changes you might wish to make in your life, and also to look to what changes you might make in your life to better nurture yourself and take better care of your health and wellness on the Earth. As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a "lighter" way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet.

Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are!


Anchoring the Light

Kimberly Crowe


Call Time is 7 pm ET Friday 9/11 Register Here!!!

Next call Lunar Eclipse gate 9/27 Accession wave



Jasper, Black obsidian,Selenite, Celestite



8-29-2015 Supermoon Retonements

Posted on August 22, 2015 at 3:10 PM

Woo Hoo!!!! New Day Dawning


Ready or not, the winds of change are blowing.


Thank you so much for the work you are doing on this planet and out in the cosmo.I am so honored by your pressence.It is amazing to see and feel the light that comes from connecting to each of you.

The gates really opened during the 8:8:8 Gateway and we're on our way to the next portal the August supermoon. 8 -29 Full Moon is a supermoon is almost guaranteed to bring closure on a Soul level, and beam into areas of Life where something is literally coming to an end after running its course – the kind of realizations that stir up hurricanes of emotions.

This is a Supermoon to release grudges, judgment, and control, and cultivate acceptance in the here and now; a time to surrender and acknowledge that some things cannot be fixed or changed (not now, at least), and that we did everything that was in our power and that we deemed right. An exercise in transcendence, and a humbling, but ultimately liberating task, which preludes to the opportunity to clear the ground and start a new.

For some, this process might involve the necessity to grieve and let the inner pressure out of the system. It’s important to let the emotions flow and find non-destructive outlets for them. With such prominent Piscean energy, many will feel like retreating and coping with their own emotions alone, on their own terms; others might want to ease the tension through meditation or rest. Whatever our coping strategy might be, it’s not advised to give in to Pisces’ escapist tendencies by self-medicating or numbing ourselves down. Deep catharsis is only possible if we stay with our own emotions, assess them and navigate them, instead of allowing them to suck us under, thus bypassing our duties and personal work.

To support the Journey I will be offering the next Group Phone transmission activation 8-29-2015.

I invite you to join in and take an opportunity to receive the free Master Transmission retonemnet of 8-22-2015.

Loving You

Kimberly Crowe


8-12 Gateway Closing Blessing Ceremony

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 10:05 PM

August 12th Gateway Closing Blessing Ceremony

LVE CALL Click to register and more info Calls will be recorded


If you missed the previous live calls the recordings may still be purchased.

They are embedded with the acceleration frequencies.

Your name will also go on the healing transmission grid.

The Closing of the Lion's gate marks a turning point in our consciousness of humanity. This ceremony will signify the endeavors of stepping into and embodying the energy of a new way. During this gate opening we have witnessed the slaying of Cecil the Lion and his beloved brother.They gave their life to show humanity the undeveloped potential that still is present in the whole.


Today humans are fighting once again in the streets of Ferguson and other areas of this globe. For what they believe will create equality. .The woundedness wants to be recognized.


We have stepped forth to embody the Christed light of the balance of the female and male energies.In the clearing you may challenged The old will try to hang on.The intent of this call will be to transcendence any remaining frequency that keeps us in the separation.The forgetfulness that we are Whole and Holy. Surrender so we may be the dream.



Infifnite Blessings



8:8:8 Lions Gate

Posted on August 2, 2015 at 1:50 PM


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Calls will be recorded

Come play with me and receive the upgrades.

The 8th August is the high point in what is known as the “Lion’s Gate”. This portal opens between 22th July and 12th August 2015 . During this time, waves from Galactic Centre bathe the Earth with light keys and codes to assist in the evolution of the planet for the next cycle.


July 4th Freedom Resurrection Codes

July 22nd Cosmic Portal Harnessing the Sirius Support

Greetings Divine One

 We are in a most powerful shift . As you already know, we have had big shifts, one portal opening right after the other, with little reprieve in-between.The current shift is extremely powerful as it leads right up to the Lion’s Gate on August 8th. (8/8/2015=8/8/8). Eight symbolizes Power and certainly, Power to be all that we are is what we each are guided to be.

The shift we are currently in the Magdalen Gateway, helps us prepare for the Lion’s Gate by empowering the Divine Feminine in each of us. Know that the Divine Feminine holds both sexes within and the Power is in manifesting our creations, which is a blending of both female (creativity) and male (manifestation). It is the energy of realizing you are the dream that spirit dreamed long ago..

 Every year on August 8 the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center of the Universe to create an extremely beneficial portal to accelerate ascension energies within you. This Lion's Gateway allows intense Light waves from the Great Central Sun to stream through our Sun and anchor new solar codes for Mastery and higher aspects of Love onto the planet.

 As you may have already sensed the energies of this year’s Lions gate passageway offers extra potency The rare triple 8 Lion’s Gateway Activation, as 2015 (2+0+1+5=8) adds another 8 to the equation, creating an even more powerful portal into the higher realms of Divinity. Traditionally, the Lionsgate portal is related to issues of sovereignty, personal power and self-love the current portal: that we are in NOW officially opened at the Full Moon on 7/31, peak at 8:8 and be in effect until its closure around 8/12/15.

 Many thanks to those who prepared along with me for the opening on July 22 with the conference call. If you didn't get to attend no worries. Recordings with the energy upgrades are available also included is the July 4th Freedom call. The group energy is gathered to inspire new balance between your heart's intelligence and your thinking mind, creating a connection that will become your new reality; a reality so deeply aligned with your soul that it provides a platform for a profound inner foundation of Love. This alignment with the Galactic Center inspires your deepest connection to the Christed Heart within you. As you taste this new reality, the doorway opens, gently revealing to you the Harmony that is possible when you relinquish fear and open into a new alignment with Divine Love.

 Throughout the energetic gateway period that is occurring now until after August 8, take the time to open your inner portal of awareness through focus on your Third Eye Chakra. Ask to align with the frequencies of Christed Light from the great Central Sun, and allow yourself to feel the activation of your Pineal/Pituitary Center. Claim Love and Peace as your only reality and let it anchor in your High Heart. As this new Christed Light energy flows through your physical being, it raises your energy centers to the new harmonizing frequencies of the Lion’s Gate Portal in pure alignment with your most Divine Source

 Emotions are more intense and those lower emotions from separate ego are right in our faces saying, “Whatcha gonna to do about it?!” Well, what are you going to do about it? Will you play the victim to them or take a stand and say, “No more!” If you’re willing to drop your old people-pleasing patterns and step more into your Authentic Self, it helps greatly to move gracefully through this powerful time. It takes being fully honest with yourself and not holding back from others in order to keep your old mask on to keep the peace. Remember that when you stand in the Peace of your Authenticity, it helps others do the same…if they choose to. For you, you simply cannot abide games, lies or deception any longer. And you stand in inequality with insight and compassion seeing right through those who choose to live their lives in that paradigm . .

 As we recognize the Divine Flame within ourselves and as we embody the Higher Frequencies, including the Gold, Blue and Diamond Frequencies, we understand that Earth has "graduated" to a new level where the as "Star Family" and "Star Elders" can be consulted, however it is we ourselves who must drive our own Evolution through our Intentions and our Choices.

 You will enjoy more inner peace now by silencing the inner critical voice that makes you feel less than others. This is a learned response but it is not you. At your core, you are love and you accept yourself as you are. You naturally want to improve yourself and evolve – that’s part of your enlightenment. What’s not natural is a constant barrage of negative self-talk that has you doubting your every move and whether you can succeed. Everyone has an inner critic as part of societal conditioning. . Pay attention, though, when it stirs self-doubt or comparisons with others. No one else can be you. No one else can shine light to beneficially impact the world like you can. Trust this. Invite your inner critic to take an upgrade of discernment and a vacation from the judgement. You deserve it.

 Thank you for all the work you do and the beauty you are to all of creation . .

 Loving You

 In Service with the Divine

Kimberly Crowe




July 22nd cosmic portal to 8 :;8 lion's gate

Posted on July 21, 2015 at 8:15 AM


Cosmic Opportunities Conference Calls

July 22nd Cosmic Portal Harnessing the Sirius Support

August 8:8 Lions Gate

LIVE CALL Click to register and more info Calls will be recorded

Come play with me and recieve the upgrades.

The 8th August is the high point in what is known as the “Lion’s Gate”. This portal opens between 22th July and 12th August 2015 . During this time, waves from Galactic Centre bathe the Earth with light keys and codes to assist in the evolution of the planet for the next cycle.

Divine Ones,

Thanks for all the work you are doing during these sacred times in our history.

On July 22, we enter the sign of Leo and the vibration and teachings of the Sphinx. This day announces the Atlantean & Ancient Egyptian New Year In ancient times the

'Records of recollection' were kept deep within the earth, under sacred sites. The Mother template of these encodings lives within the Great Pyramid of Egypt and her Stellar Sentinel companion the Sphinx.

We all carry within our conscious cellular awareness of every sacred portal issued to earth from the beginning of earth-time. It is just a matter of fine-tuning our intention to receive these energies. Just a natural remembering initiating our dormant light codes. TIME known and unknown conjuncts itself, as the timing chain of the universe pauses to calibrate itself. All that was hidden is seen, all that was seen is clear. 8:8 is a celebration beyond time that escorts us home to the Stars. The very ends of our DNA open to embrace a new connection with the star nations. August 8,8 is composed of the marriage of matter and antimatter. It is a place were the polarities meet and heaven and earth sip from each other's glass. It is a celebration beyond time that escorts us home. The courageous are destined and the next step of our journey is nonnegotiable and no returns

We are destined to become more than we know. This new mirror reflection will give to us what we have been seeking for eons.

I'm honoring this sacred initiations by offering conference calls. When we gather it brings collective awareness together and amphibies the energies for all of creation.

The call will be recorded and those who register name goes n a grid that is upgrades accordingly.

If you missed the last call the recording is available and carries the energy of Clearing Destruction Codes embedded in Humanity's conscious and the upload of Resurrection Codes.

As we move past the limitations of this contained universe, we come closer to galactic center and remembering our star heritage. You are a living vortex, a living light, an emissary of what is good about humanity.

Thank you for the work you are doing in partnership with the Greater Aspect. I am honored by your presence.

In Service with the Divine

Kimberly Crowe



Posted on July 2, 2015 at 10:40 PM

Conference CALL

Destruction Codes

Resurrection Codes

For those who are ready for true Freedom


Click to register 

Call will be recorded if you can't attend live you won't miss out. Frequencies are just as potent on recordings.

For about a Month now I have been integrating the upgrades within my own being. Spirit has been revealing to me the Destruction Codes implanted within the mind of mankind. We are at a pivotal point to release these energies and be upgraded with Resurrection codes. Which do not have a religious affiliation but do raise you from the dead. The death of limited binding toxic thoughts we carry within the DNA strands of our being. It is time to create from the future with support of our TRUE NATUREand the gift passion. We are being given  an opportunity  to create THE NOW FROM THE FUTURE OF ABSOULTE PEACE

Come play with me and recieve the upgrades.


How the call works after you donate  the call number will be sent to you .The call will be recorder if you miss the live event.

Purchase of the recording will be available for anyone who desires.

The call will basically be channeled in real time. The intention will be to release the Destruction Codes that have been layer into humanity’s consciousness and memory banks. We will clear the implant from or own lineage and then be uploaded with the Resurrection Codes.

Call will probably last about a hour. I will lead group with a journey, open the records and begin the work. if there is time at te end maybe open the lines for questions.

Thank you for the work you are doing in partnership with the Greater Aspect. I am honored by your presence.





Gateways to Christed Consciousness

Posted on April 1, 2015 at 8:55 PM

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Exert from the Alchemy of Heart series    

#3 Relaiming Honor 

To support your journey.....Check out my New YouTube exert from the


Alchemy of the Heart series!


Next Meetup April 28


7:00 pm EST


Call or Come In Person 14Sort St Asheville NC

This a Love offering event

Well you made through the equinox and eclipses. In one dimension or another and maybe like me your traveling in and out of several.We live in a multidimensional world with every kind of spirit force one could imagine. With each successive portal opening, veils that used to separate realities are collapsing, and more beings are sharing space with us.

Good news many of the distorted timelines and karma of the lineage, which created inherited Karmic consequences are dispersing. There are new levels of support for those of us on the path with this understanding and context. .Volunteer stations have been put into place to help humanity reach it's full potential.Our star seed family co exist with us in alliance.During the Easter Weekend, transmissions activated the planetary body to communicate with the intelligent living matrix.

So what does this mean connect to your Heart to Heart knows the answer


Inherited Karmic Consequences-Negative spiritual-energetic attachments influence our mind, thought-forms, emotional states and belief systems and are generally responsible for states of anxiety, depression, oppression, and hatred. When we are filled with negative spirits, they can make us feel sick and contribute to disease states. The more diseased the person's body, mind and emotions become, the more soul fragmented and spiritually sick the person is. This energetic consequence can be cumulative over many lifetimes, or in the current identity and can exist in children, or at any biological age. Many children have inherited the karmic miasma of their family of origin, and the genetic record of their DNA holds the energetic consequences of their parents and previous ancestral lines. When we do not comprehend the inherited karmic consequence of previous actions, and do not change spiritually abusive patterns or clear spiritual oppressions, the energetic blockage manifests as disease patterns and other distortions for the individua

Ancestral Spirits and Familiar Spirits Negative spiritual influences can be attached to our energetic body through uncleared mental, emotional or spiritual conflicts from past, present and future lifetimes. These can be Ancestral Spirits or Familiar Spirits that attach to our body or spiritual parts. When these ancestors left their body, they were not spiritually freed and thus cling to your body waiting to be released, cleared and healed from their pain. Sometimes these ancestral or familiar spirits are connected to organs and enmeshed with spiritual body parts. This is what "mismatched body parts" may mean in the process of clearing the spiritual body.

 During the Ascension Cycle, many of us are here to finalize, complete and end these imbalanced energetic cycles and their negative influences upon our genetic history, DNA record, astral recycling, and the patterns recorded in the family of origin. When we make progress with personal ancestral clearing, our clearing efforts will extend to cities, nations, tribes, and global gridwork for the entire human race. This means many of us have the spiritual purpose to clear unresolved conflicts and spiritual issues of our patriarchal, matriarchal and ancestral bloodlines and timelines. The process of healing the Ancestral DNA is called Genetic Pathcutting, and is the main spiritual mission of many Indigos and Starseeds. Many Starseeds incarnated purposely in different soul groups, known as the "False Parent" family lines. In the early stages of spiritual awakening, all of us must address and clear ancestral issues, whether we are aware of this fact or not. Ancestral issues are inherited in our DNA record and they will manifest as specific archetypes and patterns throughout our life experiences. When we are unconscious, we will repeat these same patterns many time verbatim, as they are directly inherited ancestral behavioral patterns. People are amazed to learn these same ancestral patterns were present in relatives that they may have never even known existed until later in life

.To heal our history we must heal our ancestral past. Studying the behaviors and patterns of our birth, and family of origin, will give us accurate clues to what our soul purpose and spiritual clearing responsibility actually is. We choose our family of origin for many reasons, and the primary reason is to cleanse the ancestral bloodline that we embody, through the biological record of the DNA we carry. Most Starseeds chose very challenging bloodlines to incarnate into during this cycle. We understood our responsibility to heal that bloodline, and that the support to complete the cycle would be available to us.



Conscious Conference

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 4:05 PM

Benjamin Bernstein and Kimberly Crowe will join luminaries such as Panache Desai, Paul Selig, Matt Kahn, Julie Dittmar and Tara L. Robinson as presenters and service providers at Conscious-Con, a gathering of pure “heart-centered” energy. It will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Duke Energy Center May 16 and 17.


If living a more heart-centered life calls to you, then prepare to be changed by a carefully selected lineup of transformational masters creating a powerful vortex of the new heart energy! Full-access tickets are $199, and all-weekend, general expo passes are only $20 for access to over 100 exhibitors, free expo workshops, private film screenings, live music, art show, and much more.


Expo exhibitor workshop presenters include experts such as Hans Christian King, Marylin Alauria, Raquel Spencer, Dr. Edwige, Pamala Gerrand, Shawn Gallaway, and more.


Benjamin will present “Shamanic Astrology: Planetary Invocation for a Happier Life” on Saturday, May 16 at 5 pm. Kimberly will present “Destiny Codes” on Sunday, May 17 at 1 pm. Both Benjamin and Kimberly will also be doing walk-up sessions in the expo hall on Saturday and Sunday.


Learn more.