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Welcome Divine Being

I'm Kimberly  and I am honored to have you visiting with me. 

 I invite you to take a moment and breathe in the Divine. May you see yourself through the Divine essence of All there is.

This site and my work is devoted to the Shift in Humanity's Consciousness .

I Am an oracle of the Inner Awakening Matrix  and Destiny Codes .

I am blessed to be serving the Greater Aspect of Creation and the Divine Essence of All there is. 

My gift  in service is to hold the vision of divine essence that  I see in the all.

To see your  full potential so you to may be empowered to your full Destiny.

I have the innate ability to stand in all time and connect to the spheres of existence on all dimensions.

 I see, hear and feel the Harmonic Matrix  Grid within the energy field of all creation and have been shown the matrices of the divine and not so divine . I am committed to the Awakening of the full potential of humanity's divine . 

Blessings to You and Your Journey of the Greater I AM

n Service to the Greater Aspect
Kimberly Crowe

Kimberly Crowe is an internationally known visionary teacher and transformational healer.
She can help you achieve your heart's desires by tuning into, clearing and harmonizing your unique energy system. As guided by divine creator, 

Kimberly can tap directly into your soul to help you achieve your purpose and passions in life.     

With precise inner vision and loving compassion, Kimberly  will work with  you to  identify and release energetic blocks and imbalances that have  kept you limited. She can assist you in letting go of fear and negative thought patterns so you can truly live your most passionate and successful life!

Kimberly's work is dedicated to helping humanity awaken to their Divine Destiny and Empowerment.. 

Kimberly's services are available by .phone,skype and in person She has several free auido transmission retonenements available for your use on this website.

 Kimberly's deepest wish that people everywhere will awaken to their divine gift. 

Specialized......... Services offered 

Testimonials........What they say 

Who I Am:  Kimberly McClendon Crowe is a healing facilitator of Soul as guided by spirit through the creator of all there is. My life work is devoted to the healing arts. I have more than 30 years combined experience   in allopathic and holistic medicine. I am a ordained Shamanic Minster.

I studied a wide range of healing techniques  and I combine this knowledge with my natural connection to creator to hold the space of self-empowerment with clients and students.

My physical office  Art of Serenity  has 2 locations Bowling Green KY and Asheville NC . Internationally  my office is the ethers with phone  consultation and the use of skype.  Services provided in office are a wide range of Alternative Healing   

Services such as Intuitive consulting,:Soul Reading with Life Path Healing,Therapeutic Massage,Hypnotherapy,Homeopathy, and Energy Work which may include a combination of many modalities .

My role I play as a healing facilitator:

Healing work holds space for removing blocks to wellness, attuning to and revealing from within one's true radiant nature.

The teacher: My role as a Teacher is to hand the student the keys and that will empower their own personal journey to the sacred  authentic self. To awaken divine being that exist within each of us ,our own mastery self.

The artist role: As an visionary artist I have the gift to connect to Soul's essence as it portraits the Soul Song  through color. I offer original art work ,prints and customized Soul Song Portraits with Soul reading. Also I am a Wire jewelry artist specializing in  offering wearable  tools for support of your Ascension  journey.

Discover the Universal Truth, Open up to your True Self through

Inner Awakening Matrix Processes

Opportunity  for change. 

Be the receiver of life


Soul Reading with Life Path Healing 

session with Kimberly.

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